Why don’t I see the calendar?

Sometimes it suddenly disappears, it’s a well known Google issue. Also, browser addons may lead to disappearing. Try to use another browser if you don’t see the calendar.


I want to add these calendars to my Google calendar. How to do this?

Click on the bottom right of the calendar.


What’s a news?

Anything that I decide is a news. Sometimes I may post an event as a news, it depends on the audience and the purpose of the event.


What’s an event?

An event is anything that is directly related to the Ethereum Foundation or Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Also, events that are crucial for some worth mentioning ERC20 tokens or any event, where new light might be shed on the future of Ethereum.

Meetups, workshops, local meetings are not considered an event worth following, hence I won’t post them.


I want to contribute. How do I do that?

Contact me via e-mail timesofethereum@gmail.com. I usually check this e-mail 3 times a week.

Tipping is contributing

People like MEW team (and many other) are doing a great job in contributing to the Ethereum community and I know that I’m not doing even 0.001% of the job they do, but it’s only because I don’t have such programming skill. If you like what I’m doing enough to tip me (even with 0.001 ETH), believe me – I will be more than grateful.