How to subscribe to this calendar


Many of you already did this. You simply need to go to the old version of the calendar and click a button on the bottom right of the Google Calendar. It’s a plus sign.


How to set a reminder about some events

!! Reminders temporarily don’t work !!

If you click on the event you will notice a ring bell on the right. Click it and type:

  1. Your e-mail address
  2. Integer
  3. Unit

For example:

  2. 1
  3. days

Sends you a reminder a day before the event begins. I hope it works!



Why don’t I list all the ICOs


Honestly, a lot of them are projects that I don’t understand. It makes no sense to list and recommend as a valid ICO something that I don’t comprehend. If I list an ICO here, it’s probably a legit crowdfunding event. If you want to check all active and upcoming ICOs, go to Remember, do a research beforehand on your own.


Why don’t I list all the events


Some events are not important, such as local meetups, some conferences and more. Events listed here are important for fintech and Ethereum itself.


Why do I do this


I’ve started browsing Ethereum-related content in the beginning of 2016. I quickly realized that it’s best if I log somewhere all these events. This calendar is the outcome of my involvement, some tips and your warm attitude toward this calendar. I really am surprised by how many people visit this website (thousands a day) given that I never planned to create such a big thing. Thanks.


How do I monetize this website


I don’t. That’s why sometimes the website might be down or I won’t be updating the calendar for a few days. It’s my hobby, not a job. Recently I’ve been visiting this place few times a day. The biggest gratitude is the exponentially growing audience. I really like that you keep coming and almost 50% of you are a returning visitors. Contact me if you want to be featured, but it basically means that I will spend some time to input some data about your project or add a star to your event cell. There’s nothing ‘extra’ for that.

You wouldn’t believe, I appreciate tips too! 0x24b318057d26669797b541C0E4c9b91ab84184F5. Thanks in advance.


How can you contribute


Only I can add events, but feel free to mail me at or contact me on Facebook with anything you want to add to this calendar. I’ll appreciate it.